Testimonials from Students

“Working with Kevin was one of the best decisions I made preparing for the ACT. After taking a mock version of the ACT, I received a score sheet that gave me an idea of the areas I needed to work on. Because I am a student who struggles with math often, Kevin and I decided to tailor my tutoring sessions to strengthen my ACT math skills. He was very specific in which types of math I needed to practice, such as Trigonometry and Logarithms. I was very impressed with Kevin’s ability to figure out EVERY (and I literally mean EVERY) answer on the practice tests. He also did a great job giving me the reasoning behind every answer. Although our tutoring was very focused on math, the knowledge I gained was not limited to that area of the test. We worked on other sections, and I improved a lot in the science section, which most students find difficult. I really enjoyed the manageability of the homework Kevin assigned each week. We didn’t waste any of our session time, and from the very first session we established a work plan which proved to be very effective.  I could tell based on the results I received after taking the official ACT. Kevin is such a kind person and so easy to work with. Above all, I truly felt that he wanted to see me succeed, which was very motivating. Thanks again for all your help, Kevin. You’re the best!”
—V. T.


Kevin was a superb tutor who greatly helped me improve my SAT score. He showed a deep understanding of the material and more importantly could easily convey methods for simplifying and solving problems.”
—R. J. M.

“I just finished studying with Kevin for the ACT; we focused on the ACT essay, reading section, and english section (grammar).  He is one of the best tutors I have had.  He puts so much preparation into the session.  On our first meeting he brought a binder with ACT practices tests.  He continued to do this through the length of our meetings.  In addition, I was having particular problem with punctuation questions on the english section, so Kevin created grammar exercises for me.  The ACT recently changed the format of its essay and Kevin was very prepared and went the extra length in creating writing prompts.  He helped me come up with a “formula” for the essay, which was essential when I was taking the test.  Also he helped me figure out the timing that was right for me.  During our tutoring sessions he really worked through sections of the test with me; he helped me understand why I got each question wrong and how to prevent it from repeating.  He helped me boost my score so much (about 4 points on the english section).  He has an obvious passion for teaching and is a truly genuine person.”
—Melissa W., (Review on Yelp)

“I had a tutor for about three months during my Junior year of high school, in preparation for the SAT. I studied a little on my own, but I knew I could benefit from some extra help. Kevin was very encouraging at our sessions. He provided plenty of material, but I never felt overwhelmed. When we reviewed questions, we talked about the wording of the College Board and types of questions. We quickly narrowed in on what I needed to work on, and he was very considerate of how I wanted to spend our time. Each practice test, I improved and felt more confident. I looked forward to each meeting because I knew my effort was worth it. I’m very thankful to Kevin, and I’m happy with my SAT score!
—Naomi K., (Review on Yelp)

“I contacted Kevin last semester when I was struggling with my 35-page senior thesis on literature and philosophy. I knew that I needed someone to keep me on track with the my goals. He knew the book I was writing on and agreed to be my informal advisor. Kevin read up on all the secondary sources for my topic and suggested others, proofread drafts, and offered ideas on where to go next when the paper hit a dead-end. He kept me focused on my best ideas. I ended up turning in a 35-page thesis I was extremely proud of. Kevin knew how to get the most out of me and made me a better and more productive student.
Daniel G., (Review on Yelp)


“Kevin, I just want to thank you for all the help you gave me on my medical school application. Just to update you, I am going to start at Penn this fall on a full scholarship! My interviewer actually said I should be a writer if medicine doesn’t work out for me!! I couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks again for everything!!”
—M. L.


Testimonials from Parents


“If you are looking for a tutor to improve your SAT score, look no further because Kevin Cooney is the one.  My son took the March 2015 SAT and scored 2060.  He started working with Kevin in May to improve his SAT score, though there just wasn’t sufficient time to improve his May SAT score as he ended up with a score similar to his first score. Determined to achieve a higher score, my son continued to work diligently with Kevin. Through his persistence, coupled with Kevin’s professional tutoring and specialized test-taking methods, my son took the SAT again in June and achieved a score of 2320, which places him at the top 1% nationally of all students who took the SAT and enables him to apply to nearly all top tier schools in the country.  My son is now working with Kevin to prepare the college application essay and, more importantly, we are happy to be able to praise Kevin for his invaluable work.”
—Spotty S., (Review on Yelp)

“My daughter was struggling her first year in High school with Math even after attending tutoring after school. After searching for the best place, I finally came across Better Edge Tutoring and met with Kevin. When Kevin told me the first tutoring appt. was free,I thought Wow… From then on Kevin met with my daughter several appts. and went over Algebra and Science and practice Regent test. Glad to say Brianna passed her Regents. I Highly recommend Better Edge Tutoring and Kevin as a Tutor!!!”
Paschell P., (Review on Yelp)


“My 6th grader started working with Kevin in January and by the end of the school year her average went from an 85 to 98! Her most impressive achievement was learning to love math! Kevin is not just focused on academics but on the life long skills for success. He takes care and initiative to give her practice worksheets for her personal time that help develop her thinking and test taking skills – which she will use forever. Kevin is kind, understanding and the ultimate professional. His respectful nature is certainly something any student will recognize, appreciate and emulate. I could not recommend him more!”
—Rabia C., (Review on Yelp)


“My daughter had difficulty choosing a college and programs for the education she wants to pursue. Fortunately we met Kevin, whose advice, during our meeting and research after it, helped my daughter to make up her mind about her education. I was very pleasantly surprised about the depth and efficiency with which Kevin dealt with her situation, as we already tried to solve her problem with other consultants. They didn’t help us nearly as well as he did. We greatly appreciated Kevin’s help and would highly recommend him as a professional consultant for educational questions.”
Olga G., (Review on Yelp)


“Last year my son needed to take the ISEE entrance exams for New York middle schools.  I wanted to find a tutor to help him with reading and math, and so we started working with Kevin.  It turned out to be a great success.  My son started scoring better in math and reading after a few weeks.  On the ISEE Test, he did well enough to get into one of his top choice schools (an elite private school in Queens)–and it turns out to be the perfect school for him.  My son and I both highly recommend Kevin as a tutor to other students.”
—Alina V., (Review on Yelp)


“My daughter was prepping for SHSAT. She was struggling a bit with scrambled paragraphs and reading comprehension. We reached out to Mr. Cooney. He is an exceptional tutor, always punctual, reliable and very clear in his teaching methods. He patiently went over the different strategies to use. My daughter scored very well and was able to get into Stuyvesant which is her dream school. She was comfortable with Mr. Cooney and was able to understand and apply his strategies on her test. If you are looking for a good tutor, Mr. Cooney is a very good choice. I highly recommend him.”
—Vinitha S., (Review on Yelp)


Kevin was fantastic as a tutor for our son.  He was extremely professional, always on time and quick to follow up.  He was a great communicator, both with us and with our son. I strongly recommend Kevin as a tutor for your son or daughter.  You will be very pleased with the results.”
—R. M.


“As parents, we were concerned about how well prepared my daughter would be to take the SAT or ACT as she approached her junior year. But once she started working with Kevin, I was pleased to see how confident and at ease she became with the different subjects and content of the exam. Kevin is an exceptionally skilled tutor. He knows how to create a tailored plan that meets the need of the student, and every session is well spent. My daughter was truly prepared for her ACT exam and did much better that she would have without Kevin’s help. Thanks Kevin!!!”
—V. T.


“Kevin was a wonderful tutor for my son. Real nice personable guy, always on time for his lessons. He helped my son with several H.S. Entrance exams, including TACHS, SHSAT, &. COOPs. So far he has been accepted into every school he applied for, with a full scholarship to one of the elite private high schools. Kevin turned out to be an excellent choice for my son, we highly recommend him!”
—Ray M., (Review on Yelp)


“Kevin tutored my son in Latin IV Honors.  He was a great help in studying for tests, strategizing, and mastering difficult course material. Kevin was always professional, punctual, courteous, and outgoing. He established a good rapport with my son and adapted the sessions to what he needed to work on. I would highly recommend Kevin and think his assistance could benefit many other high school students.
—A. W.