College writing assignments generally demand more planning, organization, and editing than similar high school assignments. In the case of research papers or a senior thesis, those demands are multiplied considerably.

A good tutor can serve as an informal advisor, as well as be a sounding board for ideas. Better Edge Tutors can assist with the following tasks:

  • Determine the scope of your paper or research project
  • Refine your research question and methodology
  • Decide on your thesis
  • Locate and evaluate sources
  • Figure out how to incorporate sources into your argumentative framework
  • Set and meet deadlines


Testimonials from College Students

“I contacted Kevin last semester when I was struggling with my 35-page senior thesis on literature and philosophy. I knew that I needed someone to keep me on track with the my goals. He knew the book I was writing on and agreed to be my informal advisor. Kevin read up on all the secondary sources for my topic and suggested others, proofread drafts, and offered ideas on where to go next when the paper hit a dead-end. He kept me focused on my best ideas. I ended up turning in a 35-page thesis I was extremely proud of. Kevin knew how to get the most out of me and made me a better and more productive student.
-Daniel G., (Review on Yelp)