Creative Writing

Our Creative Writing Group Classes range from 2-4 students. This class size allows the tutor to work closely with each student in the class–at approximately a third less than the price of individual tutoring sessions. Classes meet once a week for 1.5 hours.

Creative Writing students often benefit from working with other students of different age groups and reading levels. For this reason, students are not grouped by age or grade level. Instead, students with similar or complementary creative interests are grouped together.


Educational Goals

While creative writing isn’t tested on any standardized exams, it is essential to students’ academic and intellectual development. Creativity–the freedom to test out new ideas, experiment with words, exercise an emotion, or record interactions–is a fundamental part of writing, learning, and self-discovery.

Our Creative Writing classes are designed to provide a weekly forum for students to write, to be creative, to ask questions, and to interact with other students. The primary goal is to build students’ confidence in their reading ability, creative thinking, and ability to communicate their own ideas. Each week, we focus on different genres of creativity: poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and drama.



Group courses are held at a central location that works for all students in the class. We will do our best to find a class time that fits your schedule.


Reading Curriculum

While group classes focus on students’ creative writing, we will also read models of different genres of writing: poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and drama. Below are some of the materials that may be used.