SAT Group Class

SAT Group Class

12 Hours Online Instruction

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Our SAT Group Class Online covers all sections of the test: Reading, Writing, Math, and the Essay.  The class is capped at 12 students, and runs for 12 hours total, covering the core concepts of the SAT, types of questions, and strategies for answering them.  The class uses the official SAT tests created by College Board.

Why Take an SAT group class?

  • Taking a group class provides a systematic approach to understanding the SAT.  Our classes cover each section of the test, highlighting the types of questions the SAT asks and the best strategies to answer them.  Using the College Board’s official SAT study guide (and real SAT questions), the classes build progressively from easier to more difficult material.  Our classes cover all aspects of the test, with strategies for each section, including the Essay.
  • Our 12-hour class covers everything on the SAT.  However, it is not purely a lecture.  The classes introduce each concept on the test, explain it, and then show how to solve problems based on that concept.
  • Our small group classes give each student individual attention.  We cap our classes at 12 students to enable the instructor to motivate and direct each student individually.  In addition, score reports on the 2 diagnostic tests provide feedback on each student’s progress.
  • Our tutors know the SAT inside and out.  Our small group classes are modeled on a successful series of programs that Better Edge Tutoring has conducted for academic nonprofits in Brooklyn and Manhattan.  Dr. Kevin Cooney, who teaches the online classes, has more than 12 years of experience as a teacher and 7 years of experience tutoring the SAT.
  • A 2017 College Board study shows that students who spend 20 hours practicing for the SAT show an average 115 point gain on the SAT.  Our group classes include 12 hours of class time, plus homework problems and 2 diagnostic tests.  That is more than 20 hours of practice right there, and it correlates with rising test scores.
  • Group classes create a starting point for advanced individual tutoring.  After the class, students will know the SAT test’s format and types of questions as well as different strategies for answering them.  Students will also know which questions they struggle with and how to practice.  They will have taken 2 practice tests and received score reports (showing their strengths and weaknesses).  After the class, if a student chooses to work with a tutor individually, that tutor will be able to zero in on exactly what the student needs to raise his or her score.
  • Group classes prepare students for the SAT in a very short time frame.  The class meets 3 hours per week and lasts 4 weeks.
  • Small group classes are a fraction of the cost of individual tutoring.  For about the price of some NY tutors’ hourly rate, you are receiving 12 hours of expert guidance in real time, and you learn everything you need to know for the SAT.

How Do Online Group Classes Work?

  • Classes meet online through Zoom Video Conferencing. We will email a link that takes you directly to our online meeting room.
  • Never miss a class.  During each SAT group class the instructor will be video recorded, and those recordings of each session will be made available to students to review.  So you never have to worry about missing a session.
  • SAT diagnostic tests will be assigned.  Students will take 2 SAT tests outside of class time.  After submitting the answers to the instructor, they will receive 2 score reports.
  • Score reports break down each student’s answers by category and provide recommendations for further study.