Our SAT/ACT Group Classes range from 2-4 students. This class size allows the tutor to work closely with each student in the class–at approximately a third less than the price of individual tutoring sessions.

At Better Edge, our tutors not only know the tests but are also experienced educators. While helping students meet their immediate goals on tests and assignments, we also emphasize long-term educational goals like developing study skills, building vocabulary, encouraging questions and curiosity, and making connections between different subjects. We take our role as mentors seriously, and we work closely with parents to learn how best to help students build confidence, be challenged, and get the most out of our sessions together.

Better Edge tutors have proven strategies for mastering the SAT and ACT:

  • Review of Core Concepts in English, Math, Science, and Grammar
  • Vocabulary Building
  • Practice Tests and Score Analysis
  • Lesson Plans Tailored to Students’ Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Developing Individual Test-Taking Strategies

Group courses are held at a central location that works for all students in the class. We will do our best to find a class time that fits your schedule.


Testimonials from SAT/ACT Students

Kevin was a superb tutor who greatly helped me improve my SAT score. He showed a deep understanding of the material and more importantly could easily convey methods for simplifying and solving problems.”
—R.J. M.


“Working with Kevin was one of the best decisions I made preparing for the ACT. After taking a mock version of the ACT, I received a score sheet that gave me an idea of the areas I needed to work on. Because I am a student who struggles with math often, Kevin and I decided to tailor my tutoring sessions to strengthen my ACT math skills. He was very specific in which types of math I needed to practice, such as Trigonometry and Logarithms. I was very impressed with Kevin’s ability to figure out EVERY (and I literally mean EVERY) answer on the practice tests. He also did a great job giving me the reasoning behind every answer. Although our tutoring was very focused on math, the knowledge I gained was not limited to that area of the test. We worked on other sections, and I improved a lot in the science section, which most students find difficult. I really enjoyed the manageability of the homework Kevin assigned each week. We didn’t waste any of our session time, and from the very first session we established a work plan which proved to be very effective.  I could tell based on the results I received after taking the official ACT. Kevin is such a kind person and so easy to work with. Above all, I truly felt that he wanted to see me succeed, which was very motivating. Thanks again for all your help, Kevin. You’re the best!”
—V. T.


Kevin was fantastic as a tutor for our son.  He was extremely professional, always on time and quick to follow up.  He was a great communicator, both with us and with our son. I strongly recommend Kevin as a tutor for your son or daughter.  You will be very pleased with the results.”
—R. M.


“As parents, we were concerned about how well prepared my daughter would be to take the SAT or ACT as she approached her junior year. But once she started working with Kevin, I was pleased to see how confident and at ease she became with the different subjects and content of the exam. Kevin is an exceptionally skilled tutor. He knows how to create a tailored plan that meets the need of the student, and every session is well spent. My daughter was truly prepared for her ACT exam and did much better that she would have without Kevin’s help. Thanks Kevin!!!”
—V. T.