Our SHSAT Group Classes range from 2-4 students. This class size allows the tutor to work closely with each student in the class–at approximately a third less than the price of individual tutoring sessions.

Better Edge tutors have proven strategies for mastering the SHSAT Exam:

  • Core Concepts for the Verbal Section: Paragraph Order, Logical Reasoning, and Close Reading
  • Core Concepts for the Math Section: Algebra, Probability, and Geometry
  • Vocabulary Building
  • Practice Tests and Score Analysis
  • Lesson Plans Tailored to Students’ Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Developing Individual Test-Taking Strategies

We tutor all 4 subsections of the exam. In these Group Classes, we also devote individual attention to the subsection in which each student can increase his or her score the most.

Better Edge students have an excellent track record with the SHSAT. This spring one of our students was admitted into Stuyvesant.

Group courses are held at a central location that works for all students in the class. We will do our best to find a class time that fits your schedule.

Testimonials from SHSAT Students

“My daughter was prepping for SHSAT. She was struggling a bit with scrambled paragraphs and reading comprehension. We reached out to Mr. Cooney. He is an exceptional tutor, always punctual, reliable and very clear in his teaching methods. He patiently went over the different strategies to use. My daughter scored very well and was able to get into Stuyvesant which is her dream school. She was comfortable with Mr. Cooney and was able to understand and apply his strategies on her test. If you are looking for a good tutor, Mr. Cooney is a very good choice. I highly recommend him.”
—Vinitha S., (Review on Yelp)


“Kevin was a wonderful tutor for my son. Real nice personable guy, always on time for his lessons. He helped my son with several H.S. Entrance exams, including TACHS, SHSAT, &. COOPs. So far he has been accepted into every school he applied for, with a full scholarship to one of the elite private high schools. Kevin turned out to be an excellent choice for my son, we highly recommend him!”
—Ray M., (Review on Yelp)