Middle School

Students in grades 6-8 can benefit immensely from tutoring. At this age, students face the pressure to succeed academically in more difficult subjects, to discover their academic interests, and to perform well on a whole slew of New York state tests and entrance exams.


At Better Edge, our tutors not only know the tests but are also experienced educators. While helping students meet their immediate goals on tests and assignments, we also emphasize long-term educational goals like developing study skills, building vocabulary, encouraging questions and curiosity, and making connections between different subjects. We take our role as mentors seriously, and we work closely with parents to learn how best to help students build confidence, be challenged, and get the most out of our sessions together.


So far, our middle school students have had great success:


  Entrance Exams and State Tests Results Tutoring Before Test
5th and 6th Grade
  • 5th grade student taking ISEE
  • 6th grade student taking Hunter College H.S. Entrance Exam
  • Admitted into private middle school
  • Missed cutoff by a few points but, over the next two quarters, raised GPA significantly
  • 8.5 Hours
  • 10 Hours
7th Grade
  • Two 7th grade students taking NY State Tests
  • Both students passed Math and ELA
  • 13 Hours
  • 11 Hours
8th Grade
  • Two 8th grade students taking SHSAT
  • 8th grade student taking COOP Exam
  • Five 8th grade students taking NY State Tests in Math and ELA
  • One 8th grade student admitted into Stuyvesant
  • One 8th grade student received full scholarship to private high school
  • All five 8th graders passed their NY State Tests
  • 8.5 Hours
  • 11 Hours
  • 3 Hours/ Wk (Group Tutoring)


Better Edge tutors have proven strategies for mastering the following tests:


  • Hunter College H.S. Entrance Exam
  • NY State Tests
  • Regents


Subject-specific tutoring is available in the following subjects:


  • English Language Arts
  • Math
  • Social Studies, World History, or U.S. History
  • Science


We also offer Group Classes and Enrichment Programs for middle school students.


Testimonials for Middle School Tutoring

“Last year my son needed to take the ISEE entrance exams for New York middle schools.  I wanted to find a tutor to help him with reading and math, and so we started working with Kevin.  It turned out to be a great success.  My son started scoring better in math and reading after a few weeks.  On the ISEE Test, he did well enough to get into one of his top choice schools (an elite private school in Queens)–and it turns out to be the perfect school for him.  My son and I both highly recommend Kevin as a tutor to other students.”
—Alina V., (Review on Yelp)


“My daughter was prepping for SHSAT. She was struggling a bit with scrambled paragraphs and reading comprehension. We reached out to Mr. Cooney. He is an exceptional tutor, always punctual, reliable and very clear in his teaching methods. He patiently went over the different strategies to use. My daughter scored very well and was able to get into Stuyvesant which is her dream school. She was comfortable with Mr. Cooney and was able to understand and apply his strategies on her test. If you are looking for a good tutor, Mr. Cooney is a very good choice. I highly recommend him.”
—Vinitha S., (Review on Yelp)


“Kevin was a wonderful tutor for my son. Real nice personable guy, always on time for his lessons. He helped my son with several H.S. Entrance exams, including TACHS, SHSAT, &. COOPs. So far he has been accepted into every school he applied for, with a full scholarship to one of the elite private high schools. Kevin turned out to be an excellent choice for my son, we highly recommend him!”
—Ray M., (Review on Yelp)


“My 6th grader started working with Kevin in January and by the end of the school year her average went from an 85 to 98! Her most impressive achievement was learning to love math! Kevin is not just focused on academics but on the life long skills for success. He takes care and initiative to give her practice worksheets for her personal time that help develop her thinking and test taking skills – which she will use forever. Kevin is kind, understanding and the ultimate professional. His respectful nature is certainly something any student will recognize, appreciate and emulate. I could not recommend him more!”
—Rabia C., (Review on Yelp)