SAT and ACT Individual Tutoring

Everyone knows the importance of SAT and ACT scores: how these scores rank you against other high school students, help determine which colleges will offer you admission, and can even provide academic scholarships.  But not everyone develops a plan to maximize their SAT and ACT scores.  With Better Edge Tutoring, you can.

We work closely with students to determine which test to focus on, when to take it (and how many times), what test-taking strategies to use, and how to raise a score.  There is no one formula for test success, so our tutors collaborate with each student to create a plan based on his or her test performance, method of thinking through problems, and academic strengths and weaknesses.  Of course, we assist students with short-term as well as long-term study plans.  So whether you are a sophomore preparing for the tests next year or a senior taking your final test next month, Better Edge Tutoring can help you find a strategy to maximize your score.

It’s no secret that there are many free resources to help students study for the SAT and ACT with sample questions or lessons on content, but there is no substitute for studying with an experienced tutor.  That’s because, in addition to teaching content, a tutor helps students deal with the intangible but very real stresses of the SAT and ACT by listening to students’ frustrations and fears, developing realistic goals and benchmarks to build confidence, and suggesting ways to build on strengths and to work around weaknesses.  And that’s why, at Better Edge Tutoring, our tutors are experienced teachers who not only know how to teach the subject matter but also how to motivate students.

We recommend at least 6 hours of individual tutoring in order to see improvement.  For long-term preparation for the SAT and ACT, most students study 1.5 or 2 hours per week with a tutor.  If taking the test in the next month or sooner, students tend to study 3 or 4 hours per week with a tutor, or more.  To discuss your son or daughter’s SAT or ACT goals, please fill out this contact form or call us directly at 917-244-9055.


“Through his persistence, coupled with Kevin’s professional tutoring and specialized test-taking methods, my son took the SAT again in June and achieved a score of 2320, which places him at the top 1% nationally of all students who took the SAT and enables him to apply to nearly all top tier schools in the country.  My son is now working with Kevin to prepare the college application essay and, more importantly, we are happy to be able to praise Kevin for his invaluable work.”

-Spotty S. (Yelp Review, 9/13/2015)

“I just finished studying with Kevin for the ACT; we focused on the ACT essay, reading section, and english section (grammar).  He is one of the best tutors I have had.  He helped me come up with a “formula” for the essay, which was essential when I was taking the test.  Also he helped me figure out the timing that was right for me.  During our tutoring sessions he really worked through sections of the test with me; he helped me understand why I got each question wrong and how to prevent it from repeating.  He helped me boost my score so much (about 4 points on the english section). “

-Melissa W. (Yelp Review, 9/17/2015)

“Kevin was very encouraging at our sessions. He provided plenty of material, but I never felt overwhelmed. When we reviewed questions, we talked about the wording of the College Board and types of questions. We quickly narrowed in on what I needed to work on, and he was very considerate of how I wanted to spend our time. Each practice test, I improved and felt more confident. I looked forward to each meeting because I knew my effort was worth it. I’m very thankful to Kevin, and I’m happy with my SAT score!.”

-Naomi K. (Yelp Review, 9/10/2015)

Individual Tutoring Options

Package deals for one-on-one tutoring for the SAT or ACT

SAT Basic Package

For students who have completed a strong draft and want feedback

  • Proofreading of Final Draft
  • Detailed suggestions for improvement
  • Essay Ranker
  • 2-Day Turnaround


SAT Plus Package

Program designed to help strong writers start and finish the College Essay in approximately 4 weeks

  • Essay-Generating Prompts
  • Writing Process Overview
  • 5 Hours of Online 1-on-1 Coaching
  • Detailed Editing of 1 Rough Draft
  • Proofreading of Final Draft
  • Essay Ranker


ACT Basic Package

Program designed to help average writers start and finish the College Essay in approximately 4 weeks

  • Essay-Generating Prompts
  • Writing Process Overview
  • 8 Hours of Online 1-on-1 Coaching
  • Detailed Editing of 2 Rough Drafts
  • Proofreading of Final Draft
  • Essay Ranker



ACT Plus Package

Designed to help students complete or tailor 3 Supplemental College Essays

  • Essay-Generating Prompts
  • 3 Hours of Online Coaching
  • Detailed Editing of 3 Rough Drafts
  • Proofreading of Final Drafts
  • Evaluation of Supplemental vs. Main Essay