At Better Edge Tutoring, we specialize in working with students one-on-one. Whether you need extra help preparing for a standardized test, raising a school grade, enhancing your English and writing skills, or even navigating the college search, our individual tutoring programs are custom designed with your specific goal in mind.

Mission Statement

  • We believe that students’ academic growth and test-taking skills are best developed through traditional in-person tutoring with a highly qualified teacher.
  • We believe that tutoring is not just about repeated testing or memorizing a set of formulas; instead, tutoring is ultimately about encouraging students to develop their own academic strategies and become more aware of their own ways of thinking.
  • We believe that tutoring is about mentorship, about building student confidence, about challenging students to think big and to follow through.


How It Works

For all tutoring sessions, the tutor will meet you at the most convenient location (generally your home, local library, or coffee shop). Tutoring is pay-as-you-go and billed on an hourly basis.

We work with middle school students, high school students, college students, and professionals. The following links offer more specifics on the tutoring we offer, our success rates, and testimonials:


Alternatives to Individual Tutoring

Better Edge Tutoring offers Group Classes as well. Less expensive than individual tutoring, Group Classes are capped at 4 students. These classes meet once or twice a week in the location nearest to all the participants.

For more information on Group Classes, please click here.